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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

OKC vs POR Dream11 Team Prediction: NBA 2018-19

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Oklahoma City Thunder Team Preview and Dream11 Prediction:

Shooting Guard:

Thunder sidelined starter Terrance Ferguson for Dennis Schroder for the additional offense. Schroder played 36 minutes, which is basically starter-like minutes, yet attempted to the tune of 5-for-17 shooting.

Use rate: 17.1%

Expected Fantasy Points: 15.8

DvA Fantasy Points: 16.8

Ceil Points: 30.3

Floor Points: 8.3

Little Forward:

Paul George played through his shoulder damage however shot 8-for-24, completing with 24, 10 bounce back, and 4 takes. The uplifting news is he played a group high 43 minutes.

Utilization rate: 37.3%

Expected Fantasy Points: 52.5

DvA Fantasy Points: 36.8

Ceil Points: 78.5

Floor Points: 35.6

Point Guard:

Russell Westbrook might be a more secure spend-up play. Westbrook triple-multiplied in 38 minutes and is my favored choice over the harmed George

Utilization rate: 37.6%

Expected Fantasy Points: 55.6

DvA Fantasy Points: 31.5

Ceil Points: 805

Floor Points: 33.1

Power Forward:

Jerami Grant played 35 minutes however had only a 12% use rate as George, Schroder, and Westbrook took care of the offense.

Use rate: 24.3%

Expected Fantasy Points: 35.8

DvA Fantasy Points: 16.8

Ceil Points: 60.3

Floor Points: 25.3


Steven Adams grabbed the hostile slack for the Thunder in Game 1, completing with a 17/9/1 line with 3 squares. Adams took 14 shots, which is four more than his season normal and completed with 34.25 dream focuses

Use rate: 28.6%

Expected Fantasy Points: 33.1

DvA Fantasy Points: 30.8

Ceil Points: 48.5

Floor Points: 20.1

Portland Trail Blazers Team Preview and Dream11 Prediction:

Little Forward:

Harkless use was decreased in view of the arrival of the Turner. And furthermore Turner turning into the distinct advantage. Along these lines, lock into your lineups.

Utilization rate: 13.4%

Expected Fantasy Points: 22.3

DvA Fantasy Points: 26.6

Ceil Points: 8.3

Floor Points: 44.7

Point Guard:

Damian Lillard included 32 points and eight aids the misfortune. He will locate an exceptionally intense cautious rate against the Westbrook.

Expected Fantasy Points: 46.5

DvA Fantasy Points: 38.8

Ceil Points: 22.4

Floor Points: 72.6

Power Forward:

Aminu is playing something like 28 minutes have arrived at the midpoint of a +3.66 dream Plus/Minus focuses on 69.6% Consistency. He is a reasonable player.

Utilization Rate: 24.5%

Expected Fantasy Points: 39.9

DvA Fantasy Points: 33.5

Ceil Points: 62.3

Floor Points: 18.3


Nurkic will be world class and punt pick. In any case, he liable to draw the hardest protective rate against the Adams.

Use Rate: 26.5%

Expected Fantasy Points: 39.9

DvA Fantasy Points: 33.5

Ceil Points: 62.3

Floor Points: 20.3

Dream11 Team NBA Prime Results

OKC versus POR Injury Update:

Oklahoma City Thunder: None

Portland Trail Blazers: None

OKC versus POR Probable Lineup:

Oklahoma City Thunder Probable Lineup:

PG: Westbrook

SG: Ferguson

SF: George

PF: Grant

C: Adams

Seat Corners: Nader, Noel

Portland Trail Blazers Probable Lineup:

PG: Lillard

SG: McCollum

SF: Harkless

PF: Aminu

C: Kanter/Nurkic

Seat Corners: Turner, Hood, Curry, Collins

Will's identity the star entertainers in OKC versus POR dream11 group?

The beneath players are the most secure Star Player decision for your dream11 group.

Westbrook: Consistent Scoring wing

George: Viable in all perspectives

Lillard: Scoring wing

OKC versus POR Dream11 Team Screenshot:

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