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Monday, 6 May 2019

BOS vs MIL Dream11 Team Prediction: NBA 2018-19

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Boston Celtics Team Preview and Dream11 Prediction:

Point Guard:

Kyrie Irving battled in Game 3 once more, shooting only 8-for-22.

Utilization rate: 38.9%

Expected Fantasy Points: 47.8

DvA Fantasy Points: 37.2

Ceil Points: 73.3

Floor Points: 31.3

Shooting Guard:

Jaylen Brown at last had a full line of 18/5/2/2 takes/1 obstruct in 31 minutes.

Utilization rate: 25.9%

Expected Fantasy Points: 29.8

DvA Fantasy Points: 37.2

Ceil Points: 53.3

Floor Points: 21.3

Little Forward:

Jayson Tatum, who pledged to get moving after two duds in this arrangement, at last broke out like my skin break out with a 20/11/3/3 take line.

Expected Fantasy Points: 32.8

DvA Fantasy Points: 37.5

Ceil Points: 57.7

Floor Points: 13.8

Power Forward:

Morris has a gigantic factor in the protective unit to diminish the progression of Giannis and furthermore did likewise in amusement 1.

Expected Fantasy Points: 25.8

DvA Fantasy Points: 37.5

Ceil Points: 51.7

Floor Points: 3.8


Al Horford keeps on observing huge minutes as he and Marcus Morris do their best to contain Giannis.

Expected Fantasy Points: 33.6

His DvA Fantasy Points: 29.8

Ceil Points: 51.4

His Floor Points: 15.6

Milwaukee Team Preview and Dream11 Prediction:

Shooting Guard:

Concerning Bledsoe, he shot a poor 4-for-15 in Game 3, managed foul inconvenience and completed with only 9 points and 4 helps.

Utilization rate: 20.5%

Expected Fantasy Points: 31.2

DvA Fantasy Points: 26.7

Ceil Points: 59.3

Floor Points: 29.3

Little Forward:

Khris Middleton keeps on playing admirably, completing with a 20/5/4/3 take line in Game 3.

Use rate: 19.5%

Expected Fantasy Points: 28.2

DvA Fantasy Points: 38.1

Ceil Points: 59.3

Floor Points: 22.2

Power Forward:

Giannis took over Game 3 with a monstrous 32/13/8 line with 3 squares and 2 takes.

Utilization rate: 31.5%

Expected Fantasy Points: 48.2

DvA Fantasy Points: 38.1

Ceil Points: 79.3

Floor Points: 33.2


Lopez had the capacity to get 29 minutes in Game 3, his most astounding all out so far this arrangement, yet completed with only a 7/6/1 line with 2 squares.

Utilization rate: 26.5%

Expected Fantasy Points: 32.2

DvA Fantasy Points: 38.1

Ceil Points: 59.3

Floor Points: 24.2

Dream11 Team NBA Prime Results

BOS versus MIL Injury Update:

Celtics: Smart

Milwaukee: Brogdon

BOS versus MIL Probable Lineup:

Boston Celtics Probable Lineup:

PG: Irving

SG: Brown

SF: Tatum

PF: Morris

C: Horford

Seat Corners: Rozier, Baynes

Milwaukee Probable Lineup:

PG: Bledsoe

SF: Middleton, Mirotic

PF: Giannis

C: Lopez

Seat Corners: Ilyasova, Hill, Connaughton, Brown

Dream11-group android-application

Will's identity the star entertainers in BOS versus MIL dream11 group?

The underneath players are the most secure Star Player decision for your dream11 group.

Giannis: Viable in all angles

Irving: Consistent help supplier and steelmaker

BOS versus MIL Dream11 Team Screenshot:

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