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Wednesday, 22 May 2019


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Germany (Pool Ranking #6, World Ranked #6) have In-Form Argentina (Pool Ranking #5,World Ranked #4 ): Match 45 of FIH Mens Pro League.

After the significant triumph for Argentina against Great Britain (3-2), this Wednesday the will confront their German partner

The past straight on match of FIH star group was washed out because of terrible whether anyway , today we could have a reasonable victor as Olympic Champions Argentina will make it extreme for Germany

Expectation: Argentina to Win

Germany Team Squad:

Müller mathias

Müller linus

Häner martin (c)

Oruz timur

Wellen niklas

Staib constantin

Herzbruch timm

Rabente jan

Linnekogel calorie counter

Prinz thies

Zwicker martin

Walter tobias (gk)

Hinrichs teo

Bosserhoff niklas

Boeckel anton

Rothländer moritz

Aly victor (gk)

Hellwig malte

Dream Game Changers: Müller mathias,Häner martin

Dream Game Standards : Rothländer moritz,Hellwig malte,Wellen niklas

Argentina Team Squad:

Group Changes : Lucas Vila and Matías Rey will be included with Thomas Habif and Tomás Bettaglio both out.

Juan Manuel Vivaldi

Tomás Santiago

Pedro Ibarra

Leandro Tolini

Nicolás Cicileo

Juan Ignacio Catán

Juan Martín Lopez

Ignacio Ortiz

Santiago Tarazona

Agustín Bugallo

Federico Fernández

Lucas Martinez

Agustín Mazzilli

Martín Ferreiro

Maico Casella

Nicolás Keenan

Lucas Vila

Matías Rey.

Dream Game Changers: Pedro Ibarra,Martín Ferreiro,Maico Casella,

Dream Game Standards : Ignacio Ortiz ,Leandro Tolini , Lopez,Catan

Dream Tip : Try 7-4 or 6-5 for Argentina after lineups are declared

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