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Monday, 3 June 2019


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We are arriving at an energizing end of your preferred game association. Opening round of the semi finals are occurring from today between Pune Pride Vs Chennai Challengers.

Straight on detail : During Match #29:Pune Pride lost a nearby match against Chennai Challengers(35-39)

Forecast : Pune Pride has been the best group of the competition and will win it.

Focuses Table and Win Loss Record of Zone An and Zone B:

Pune Pride Preview:

Execution History:

Match #32:Unbeatable Pune Pride crushed again Mumbai Che Raje(49-26)

Match #29:Pune Pride lost a nearby match against Chennai Challengers(35-39)

Match #26:Telugu Bulls Suffered their most exceedingly terrible destruction against Pune Pride(28-42)

Match #21:Pune Pride confronted their first destruction with Pondicherry Predators(33-41)

Match #18:Pune Pride won against Bangalore Rhinos (40-33)

Match #13:Pune Pride gave fourth Consecutive misfortune to Haryana Hereos(56-41)

Match #10: Pune Pride won serenely against in structure Pondicherry Predators(47-36)

Match #6: Pune Pride won a nearby game against Bengaluru Rhinos(32-29)

Match #1: Pune Pride won serenely against Haryana Hereos (43-34)


Jitendra Yadav, V Vimal Raj, Sachin Poovaiah, G Vishnu Kumar, Dalbir Malik, Sachin Kumar, Ameer, S Venkadesh, P Vasanth, Akash Pawar, G Pavan Kumar, Love Kumar, Sachin, Shaik Abdula Shaik Gulab, Soni, Venkatesha, Ajay Kumar and Jaskirat Singh

Dream Game Changers: Amarjeeth Singh, Sheik Abdula,Jitendra Yadav ,Venkadesh

Dream Game Standards : Jaskirat Singh, Sandeep Kharb

Dream Credit Savers: Venkadesh,Sheikh

Chennai Challengers Preview:

Execution History:

Match #36:Chennai won against Pondicherry (50-42)

Match #35:Chennai vanquished Haryana (44-41)

Match #29:Pune Pride lost a nearby match against Chennai Challengers(35-39)

Match #24:Mumbai crushed Chennai in a nearby match (32-28)

Match #20: Chennai Challengers was blessed to win by 1 point against Telugu Bulls (32-33)

Match #15:Chennai Challengers lost to Delhi second time (37-49)

Match #12:Chennai and Mumbai had a Tie (34-34)

Match #8: Chennai Challengers made up for themselves and demonstrated class against defenseless Telugu Bulls(51-29)

Match #3: Diler Dilli had a pounding triumph against Chennai Challengers with a score line of (52-30)


CH Manoj Kumar, Mofi Mondal, Sunil Kumar, Dhanraj B, Rajesh Dhiman, Mandeep, J Ankalu, Sandeep Hooda, Ravinder, R Venkatesh, T Surya Chandra, Dinesh Kumar, Hemanth Kumar, Rajat Raju Bobade, M Kumaran, Namdeo Iswalkar, G Prasad and Ramanjeet Singh

Dream Game Changers: Sunil Kumar,,Elayaraja,Dhanaraj

Dream Game Standards :Rajesh Dhiman,Ramanjeet Singh

Dream Credit Savers: Sandeep Hooda,Rajat Raju

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